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On a leafy street in Brooklyn Heights, this airy apartment for a young couple with three boys, is located inside a former Police Station. With grand proportions and ceiling heights, the project takes full advantage of the pre-war atmosphere and the inspiring location in Brooklyn Heights.

The apartment’s layout was adapted to our clients’ specific needs during the developer’s fit-out. Lighting and finishes were also upgraded. Built-in joineries were tailor-made and every detail and material were carefully selected to age gracefully. The home office is at the heart of the apartment, surrounded by dramatic glazed steel partitions and with a beamed ceiling that changes color. The vast living/dining/kitchen with 12’ ceilings opens up onto the patio. A lot of care was taken to ensure that the acoustics would make family life enjoyable; the ceiling’s sleek wooden slats conceal studio-grade acoustic damping throughtout. The kitchen’s cement tile floors are laid out in a custom pattern inspired by Kelim rugs. The master bedroom has a more private and sartorial feel, through the use of thick-pile wool carpeting, softer colors and furnishings. The boy’s rooms are fun and fexible, as well as their playroom in the cellar, that doubles as a guest bedroom.

It was important for the interior to feel relaxed and welcoming. Soft colours, natural warm textures and timeless pieces work together to create a harmonious and contemporary atmosphere. A functional and elegant space with its dual nature as a family haven offering a respite from the hectic life of the city and a great place for entertaining.

Interior architecture project for new family home in reconverted police station.


Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA





Schotten & Hansen



CONDE Construction


Bárbara Fernández


Francisco Cortina


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