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In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, with dramatic views of the ski slopes and vast forests of quaking aspens, this apartment serves as a family vacation haven. The project brief was to re-think the original layout and take maximum advantage of the existing space. Our proposal was a thoroughly comprehensive solution, starting from a radically new floor plan all the way to the most minute details, including art and furnishings.


As the apartment is often used for family reunions, extra emphasis was placed in the main living area. Designed as a generous open plan space, with new skylights bringing in extra daylight, the dining, living and kitchen areas interact seamlessly. The main seating group, with pebble poufs in front of the fireplace, gives chance for both big and little ones to gather. The caribou hanging over the fireplace has sentimental value, as it has been there for more than thirty years. From the high vaulted ceiling a cloud of lights, resembling melting ice blocks, hang over the dining area. Walnut paneling and slate flooring keep the feel of a mountain lodge, while the brass dining table on a loom handmade carpet add a sophisticated touch. Finally, the complete ceiling was clad in micro-perforated acoustic walnut panels, to provide a pleasant and functional acoustic environment.


The five bedrooms and bathrooms are cozy, functional and fexible. Each of the bedrooms was designed in relation to a specific work of art, in a playful and subtle way. Specially fun is the kids’ room, which features a custom bunk bed landscape and climbing wall to get to the loft.

New layout and integral design of an existing apartment in the Rocky Mountains that serves as a family vacation home.


Colorado, USA




Curtois Building Group


Eggers Architecture


Francisco Cortina
Raquel Hernández


Private Houses